Saturday, December 5, 2015

Getting readjusted with a new endeavor (adult coloring postcards) and an additional website

Sorry for the delay in posting 

I have been working on my newest endeavor of amalgamating meaningful correspondence and design work.

I am currently working on a Squarespace site. I have been desperately needing to have a place to better showcase a few of my ETSY ventures and add a couple more of my favorite subjects for some flair. There is no denying the refinement that comes with this upgrade. Currently, I am planning to focus on Advanced Card Making (my newest venture), Tool Restoration and then eventually more of my Extreme Croquet Mallets.
For some flair I am adding my Chronodex endeavors, themes around my personal desk and my appreciations for the sky.

I invite all to join me in this site:

As of now, I do plan to keep this blog running on my original purpose for my sons to see what nonsense I am up to.

My adult coloring 4"x6" postcards with a built in message/photo pocket will be another post but since I have just posted them to my ETSY shop I would like to give a quick visual share: