Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chronodex week 31 and 32 - themes despite no conscious subject focus

A couple of weeks of no specific subject themed chronodex.

actually, there are of course layers of themes that are always there:
 first, the ceramic overglaze enameled borders will always be my base so there but really that has become more of a subconscious layer.
second, i have also still been consistently playing with cutting out parts of the chronodex.
thirdly, in general i keep to the same color pallet and filtering techniques.

these past two weeks have been all about taking a glimpse around me enviroment and expanding it to a chronodex visual: simple and quick.
new factis eraser chronodex 8.2.2014
pilot prera with calligraphic nib
factis eraser
fieldnotes pencil
doane pocket notebook
hunt clip
german grenade pencil sharpener
starry night chronodex 8.5.2014
doane pocket notebook
ebony pencil
sharpie ex fine pin
esterbrook fountain pen 2558 reground into a stub
esterbrook cordclip
 point chronodex and one of my favorite woodworking knives. these kiridashi styles are excellent for cleaning up woodworking joints and edges.
point chronodex 8.7.2014
dixon red & black carpenter pencil
kiridashi knife from tokyu hands
doane pocket notebook
esterbrook clip #4
i just wanted to show that every now and then i start a chronodex and for one reason or another i am unable to finish it. this one was started at 4:30a but then i was side tracked and ran out of time because i needed to be at work at 6a.
unfinished chronodex 8.11.2014
staedtler mechanical pencil
waltham fountain pen reground into a stub
blackwing pencil #602
esterbrook cord clips
 was just in a drawer and found an old abacus.
always liked these antiquated counters and thought i would frame it.
additional chronodex 8.12.2014
doane pocket notebook
twsbi mini with a 1.1 stub
kum long point sharpener
esterbrook cord clips
faber castell goldfaber 1221 B
at dinner made kleenex person. time was going to be rough at work so he became a hungman.
think that i will be making more of these (a future theme)
hangman chronodex 8.13.2014
esterbrook cord clip
doane pocket notebook
goldfaber 1221 B pencil
twsbi 580 with a 1.1 stub
 this is where one unplanned chronodex started a theme. after this one i am on a knot chronodex kick.
knot 1 chronodex 8.17.2014
eagle turquoise 10 drafting
doane pocket notebook
tacro compass
pilot prera with calligraphy nib
blackwing pencil
esterbrook #20 clip

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The ceiling fan

Working under the kitchen sink.
i rolled over and was mesmerized by the fan.

i already had my ipad and beer next to me.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stanley M boy's axe and the final packaging

Shipping of this Stanley M boy's axe to California.
restored Stanley M boy's axe
Before I started offering custom leather sheaths the final hone after the sale was my farewell to the tool.
after the hone came the packaging inside the crate
now, when given the opportunity to add a sheath to the tool i get to extend the farewell.
leather sheath for Stanley M boy's axe
the crate is first and foremost a shipping vehicle. we have all seen how the couriers deliver some of our packages at our front door and i refuse to let a new owner's striker get jiggered up because of a courier. tools are made to be used and get marks on them BUT it should be the owner's "user marks" on them.
Restored Stanley M boy's axe ready for shipping
my opinion stands that the marks we procure on a tool, through our personal use, will enhance our or relationship with it. the more marks there are the greater the relationship.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Never enough boxes

For about three months my desk has been in a state of "visible overflowing"
it was time to make another round of those boxes. the ones that sit on my wall mounted shelves
hide my excess desk fodder (new and spent pocket notebooks, vintage pens and pencils repaired & waiting to be, designs and all sorts of stuff.

in no time at all i made six more boxes from old wine crate wood.
six more boxes made from old wine crates
 after finishing the boxes it was time to put some design work on the front slide doors.
these designs help me keep track of what is inside and adds some flash to an otherwise lack luster box design. 
some more boxes made from wine crates ready for action on wall mounted shelves

actually i now need to make another round of wall mounted shelves now.
solve one problem, make another.
damn i LOVE these problems!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chronodex week 29 and 30

The weeks speed on and a day is not defined until i finish my chronodex!

started with the last of the face card chronodex.
quarter king and his penny plebians chronodex

7.22.2014 chronodex

7.25.2014 chronodex
7.29.2014 chronodex
7.27.2014 chronodex

7.30.2014 chronodex

Saturday, August 9, 2014

New palm handle for chisel

I hope i am not the only one out there that accepts the subpar for way too long.

i have had this socket shafted chisel that has been handleless for over a year. i use it for dirty woodworking and even though i have many chisels i have still found myself using this with out the handle from time to time. 
i finally had some time to get caught up on some tool repair and immediately put this on the to do list.
because i have been using it as a palm chisel i decided to keep it that way.
this allowed me to make it a bit more decorative.

i have a number of old table legs that i end up reshaping for croquet posts and designated this one to be the handle for the chisel.

a rounded top and the post goes all the way to the bottom of the socket makes this comfortable and strong.

really outside of making sure the post was form fitting this was a very fast project.
one i should of done a LLOONNGG time ago.