Thursday, May 14, 2015

A few words on the nick that kept bleeding

How many times has this happened! something VERY minor happens and then all of a sudden everything grinds to a halt.

I had just finished putting a sharp edge a small cleaver for a fellow when i simply reached over it to grab a pencil (goldfaber 12212B). in that motion i so ever lightly bumped the knife with my thumb.

When something so minor grinds everything to a halt.
1.1 stub nib for scale.

straight into some sort of blood vessel because damn if that nick didn't just keep volunteering blood. tried to work but had to keep stopping because it would keep opening up. at one point i had a tissue wadded up on the end with about a foot of electricians tape tightly binding it.

finally concerned that my finger was going to turn blue and fall off, i had to stop working

what a waste of time, there was no real pain, no chance of infection and no loss of limb, 
that was that.

for the record i am a very careful worker but even the most careful amongst us will have an accident every now and then.