Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mulberry cider

Mulberry tree is in full fruiting.

With this we can make our mulberry cider:

2 quarts of mulberries
2 cups of sugar
4 gallons apple juice
champagne yeast

even careful picking of the fruit will leave the fingers a bit purple.
nothing though that soap can not take care of.
mulberry cider - mulberry fingers
 a quick rinse under running water, then put in a steamer so the mulberries can be brew clean.
i add the 2 cups of additional sugar to the water at the bottom of the steamer. 
when done steaming i will not want to get rid of the mulberry rich water at the bottom.
steaming should be a minimum of 20 minutes.
mulberry cider - steaming the mulberries
 after the steamed mulberries have cooled i will add them to the fermenter.

the order of ingredients to the fermenter:
2 gallons of apple juice, 
 mulberry/sugar solution, 
1 gallon of apple juice (to clean the funnel),
and the final gallon of apple juice. 
mulberry cider - adding mulberries to the carboy
 i use vodka in the fermenter lock.
mulberry cider - just waiting for fermentation
 bubbling glory as fermentation had been 24 hours active.
mulberry cider - 24 hours of fermentation
in one week we will move to a secondary fermentor.
we will keep 3-4 weeks in the secondary.

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