Saturday, July 6, 2013

Leather cover for field notes - multiple carries

Under the notion that different thoughts need to be cataloged uniquely, as well as the needs of the day vary so,
i carry three forms of ability to accomodate this:

1-field notes for the back pocket and two pens in the front pocket = always on my person
2-iphone = always on my person
3-midori style, field note size leather organizer = i take but keep at a base (keep at a desk, workbench or in the truck), i do not carry this at every moment. however i can access very easily.

the first two are always on my person and are the bare minimum carry.
if i don't have respectable paper and a proper pencil i feel a certain loss of potential (for either creating a thought or maintaining it)
after all the means must justify the ends

the notebook in my back pocket and the pens in the front (y-backs) or side (carhartts),
one rotated fountain pen and one stinger tactical pen that uses a fisher space pen refill and that i use as a wood awl.
i lead an active life and my back pocket field notes often need a bit of reinforcement along the spine.
midori style notebook cover i made from an old leather briefcase. together with my back pocket carry i can keep my day better organized).
it is impractical to carry a midori and pen kit on my person all day, so i keep it as a base of organization and when i need access to writing tools beyond my pocket.
this is invaluable to keep me organized in a refined carry.

midori style cover with folders made from old accordian files.

i made the inserts from retired accordian files. the card stock is a bit more durable and often has textures and age markings i like.
 the leather is from an old leather briefcase. i simply reconditioned the leather and cut to my personal needs. i prefer the leather to wrap around so i can better contain more files and materials i accumulate.
 i just added this button made from bone as a new tab for the elastic wrap cord.
a souvenir from this year's black hills trip.
midori style leather keeper with bone button
everything i need to keep myself organized in a day.
midori style cover with cigar pen case.

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