Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Circle wedges for mauls and sledge hammers

Circle wedges are a must for all heavy hitters.

there are a number of variables that make the handle-to-tool fit as secure as possible:

1.  using a riffler to fit the wood that will be in the tool's eye as form fitting as possible
2.  a good wood wedge that is driven as deep as possible
3.  using a white wood glue on the wood wedge so when cured become one with the helve's wood
4.  giving the wood in the eye a good soak in linseed oil to protect from drying and shrinking
5. when extra security is needed then a circle wedge finishes the job (done before the linseed soak)

the idea behind the circle wedge is to push the wood in all directions. this multi directional pressure is more secure the linear pressure delivered from a pick style metal wedge.

circle wedges usually come in large sizes 
are perfect for tools that take more impact abuse: mauls, sledges, large double bits and so on.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chronodex week 23 and 24 and keeping the chronodex vague

I have mentioned before the value of setting reasonable expectations for what one can do in a day
how the chronodex works perfectly for me.

always wanting to fit too much in a day, i simply need a quick visual to see how much open time i have. seeing this open/closed time on paper does quite a bit to keep me positive on the busiest of days. it also allows me to pick and choose which project to work on according the the time block open. i no longer tackle a very time needy task when i have a short block of time to work. 

from what i have seen and read many people do put some detail into their organizing systems, including the chronodex. 
when i use this clock themed icon i keep it task "vague". i simply want to see what my open time is to work on projects. 

June chronodex 6.10.2014

I should of been asleep hours ago chronodex 6.11.2014

Hammer chronodex 6.13.2014

mitsubishi red chronodex 6.15.2014

silver maple leaf chronodex 6.16.2014

licorice pipe chronodex 6.20.2014
june 22 2014 chronodex

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"B"ucking silver maple

Wether at the bench or outside, making shavings means making progress 
here i am working on filling my cuff to the brim.

bucking the last log of the day.

this really should of been an early spring job, but the condition of the tree became too apparent after these last storms. 

next step will be to start swinging and make firewood.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Palm reader and damaged calm

Nothing better than sitting down for a moment in a garden chair after working hard outside.

the whole idea is to take a breather and rest the mind,
suddenly i found myself covered in a nest of red spider mites.

with the calm damaged i felt it necessary to teach this one a lesson.

they don't really brush off, they more or less just smear off.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Esterbrook 414 desk set

Continuing on with my Esterbrook fancy, i have acquired an Esterbrook 114 desk set.
the pen has a 9668 nib.
I have been particularly keen on this model, because of its ceramic body with opaque gloss black glaze.
the reflective value of the glaze goes a long way to accent the form of the well's body.

there is something about a desk pen that seemed so right. i do have plenty of dedicated writers that i use in certain locations or for certain tasks, but to have one designed to be so dependent on a specific location seemed important.

before cleaning had to take a late night photo.

for only $14 i was expecting the pen's bladder to be petrified
after cleaning found it to still being very elastic and seated.

always curious when i clean these older pens for the first time as to how old this ink is that.

i will do some smoothing of the nib, but it will take very little work to make this SMOOOTH.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chronodex week 21 and 22 and the Okoboji trip

this year's summers vacation was centered around the oldest son's soccer tournament. 

leaving nebraska through the north omaha mormon bridge. always a good start to leave the state in nebraska rush hour.
mormon bridge and nebraska rush hour

there is a small amusement park in okoboji and was perfect for introducing the boys to their first roller coaster and log rides. 
okoboji log ride

the roller coaster was particularly fun because it was a wooden one.
really wish i had taken video of them on their first ride. 

also they were on their first ferris wheel.  
okoboji ferris wheel

chronodex showing the new esterbrook cord clips 
chronodex 5.25.2014 and esterbrook cord clip

had to ship some tools so i was filling out some thought rockets and that let to making a thought rocket chronodex. 
rocket ship chronodex 5.30.2014

"V"ictory chronodex 6.1.2014
triple "V"ictory chronodex 6.2.2014

red ribbon chronodex 6.3.2014

crap, running out of time, need to get to work.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Working while the storm comes and then keeps coming

I do try to leave time/space between my posts but wanted to give a 
before and after shift shot of the weather.

i want to emphasize how important storms are for getting my blood flowing. yesterday we had a great front come in and it contributed to an entire evening of wave upon wave of intense rains.

i would rather of enjoyed watching from home, but instead took the show when i could from work.

early/mid afternoon the party started with a great textured air show of "rolling" clouds

when it was time to go home, i was given a quick calm for the ride and then the next wave came.
the short motion clip is from before i got in the vehicle to head home.

the lightning is real, but the thunder i was recording was to washed out from the wind. I had to cobble an "approximate" thunder noise.

it was a good shift!

Plumb 16 ounce claw hammer shipping off to Alberta

Just shipped this beauty of a 16 ounce Plumb claw hammer to Alberta.

restored 16 ounce Plumb claw hammer
I took this photo as to show the mirrored surface of the slightly bellied head i formed when restoring this striker against the textured, historically untouched cheeks and shoulders. 

I designate and promote these vintage hammer restores for "fine woodworking". I slightly belly the face of the head so one does not get that ring around the nail look.  the belly will allow the fastener to go just below the surface of the wood plane. I polish the head to show the quality of the steel and to show that this is a restore. there are many views on restoration out there and i really take to the camp of showing the history and putting the history into context (next to the refurbished parts).