Saturday, December 8, 2012


Tonight was a quick prep.

the meal has two directions. the first is the rice and the second is the fish & broth.
the rice:
i strongly recommend getting out of the doldrums of cooking solely with white and brown rices.
this is a haiga medium grain, white basmati & quick cook wild rice mixture.
the rice will act as the bed for the fish.

the fish:
the fish will be bound in foil, creating a steaming environment.
first rub butter on the foil then lay down some pats of butter and onions.
this layer will allow the fish be above the liquid but close to the steaming butter.

place the fish on the onions.
season with your favorite. tonight we used jane's krazy pepper, bosari salt, italian herbs, sage and some paprika.
after the seasoning top with pats of butter. 
the butter on top will melt into the fish.

fold up the fish into foil burrito. three folds on top will seal in the steam.
oven 350 degrees for 25 minutes. 

one ingredient i did not mention yet is the frozen corn.
the frozen corn was mostly for the boys but will also create more liquid.
we add the buttery herbed broth to the plate. 

lay down the rice, fish, corn & onions and then pour on an quantity of broth. 

damn good!

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