Monday, December 3, 2012

Schrade tactical fountain pen

I have been in the market for a new work pen for some time now.
and as ridiculous as it is has consumed some of my time.
i have three pens i depend on a lot:
1.  sharpie permanent marker - not changing 
2.  signo #207 uni-ball - not changing
3. and most used a fountain pen.

the old work fountain pen was a pilot plumix fountain pen.
this was a very reliable yet inexpensive writer with a japan italic nib.
unfortunately, it is no longer available at our general store.
what i like about it is that i could drop and knock it around.

the replacement is going to be the schrade tactical fountain pen.
felt great in the hand and scribed very well.
i need to say looks much more like a "work" pen (in form and function).

close up of the smaller japan nib.

close of the german nib.
i will miss the squareness of the pilot's write
will greatly enjoy the smoothness of the schrade write.

Transcribed by Mac #2

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