Thursday, October 31, 2013

Victory plumb carpenter's hatchet great for woodworking

This victory plumb carpenter's hatchet is on its way to Georgia.

these victory plumbs really are excellent workers. 
especially when at use at the work bench. 

for woodworking this steel preforms very well. a person can take that bit to cheek angle to a fine angle and still get good life between sharpenings.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wet forming pliers holders

Had some time today to

start the comparison between wet forming a wood form vs an actual tool.

i know for a fact that the actual tool is best when a specific tool is to be used but i would like to make one that can work for more shapes of pliers. to try a compromise i picked an old pair of Cee Tee pliers 
(my favorite, the newer ones after being bought out are inferior)
with wide jaws to make if fit all pliers with a smaller jaw profile.

also i have to add that i really like the look of wet forming over the actual tool. to be able to see some of the details of the tool itself is an attractive aesthetic. 

i would rather do this test at the same time, then to do one at a time.
looking forward to getting to the end product.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Window trimming away my day

Actually, i am having a pretty good time replacing the north side of the house's exterior window trim.
the north and south sides of the house take such a beating that it was time to replace the window trim. one of the base board needs to be repaired too (that is a bit more involved).

i passed on to the boys that house repairs should always come first.
if something needs tending to, then time lapsed will only make the chore more difficult 
expensive (in either time, labour or money).

coupled on that no matter how much the home is valued at, a well kept residential shows pride and personal value.

if only they would remember what i say.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Leather sheath for collins single bit axe and being an evolving jack of all

Making the leather sheath for the collins single bit that will be going to Georgia
was pleased that my leather working was improving (there is always room for improvement).

i am a firm believer in being a jack-of-all-trades ,
it fits my style of needing to know how to make as much as possible.

within this thought is also my strong pull to making my end product better than the last.
not just for myself, but ESPECIALLY when the object is destined for someone else.

i thoroughly thrive in a state of analyzing my work and challenging myself to do better.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Butter licking dogs

Yesterday morning the boys left the butter dish lid off.

when i came back home both dogs were doing their cowering moves so i had to give a quick tour to see what they were going to get in trouble for.

i couldn't find anything, so i sent them out and started to prepare some spread for the banana bread.
and there it was
one of the damn dogs had got on the counter and had their way with the butter stick.
maybe they took turns: "one took the high road and one took the low".
an almost full stick of butter tongue lashed by one of the dogs

we have a pretty good sense of humor here
and just seeing the two main tongue tracks is enough to laugh.

the deed was done.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Collins camp/pack hatchet - keeping the balance

Just finished the farewell hone and polish on this collins camp/pack hatchet.
will be shipping of to the East Coast.

this is a 5"x3" head, so a bit smaller than i am use to
i was able to find an 18 inch hickory helve that had great orientation and yet was very light weight for the quality. it is important to keep the balance of the tool so such paring are essential.
a good stock of handles on hand to pick from is a huge plus. this affords the hanger to pick the best option for the head.

i have always been an advocate of the longer handle; for reach or for leverage.
when doing detail work (which this tool will be very good for) just choke up.
this lighter handle will be safer (because it is balanced) and yet very sound.
the more versatile the tool, the more useful.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Length of shower - INVASION

Beer in the shower is as essential as the soap and water. 
in fact, soap is really an elective and ranks 3rd.

it was late and i am not afraid to say that i don't like to sleep in a bed dirty, so i go to basement shower and WHAM! 
wifey moved all of these health and beauty items into the dirty pigs, mac (oldest son) and my, shower. 

just so there is no concerns, i relegated one health and hygiene bottle and replaced it with another (heavy horse scottish ale).

heavy horse scottish ale from big sky brewing company is one of my favorite fall seasonals. 

this beer's octane qualifies it as a wee heavy, but is so smooth that it tastes more like an 80 shilling.
from the big sky website:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Collins single bit axe and a passing idea

Finished up this collins single bit and will try to get it posted tomorrow before work.

collins single bit. 
i take great satisfaction in getting others excited about restoring their own tools, especially when someone is able to do some of the work for themselves. there is something to a tool when their own hand was in the restoration process (or the entire process).
 the one variable that i keep constant, is that if the person does not have enough experience then i am there during the final hanging. this affords me first-hand inspection and guarantees that the tool will be safe and reliable.

i briefly played with the idea of offering kits for others who may want to tackle some of the different levels of restoration. there could be a kit where they get a completely restored head and an unfitted helve and they do the entire hanging.
a kit with a completely restored head and a dry fit helve. the new owner just needs to put the final whacks on hanging and do the wedge work.

in the end i talked myself out of it. 
the "kit" idea would take me too far from the individual tackling the project. this restoration process is about being able to be there, constantly evaluating the soundness of the tools parts and the skill of the restorer. without that fist hand accountability to make sure all was safe and sound, i felt the idea to be not responsible. 

it was still entertaining to play with the notion of different kit offerings.

Monday, October 7, 2013

2 hatchets and 1 axe crate

Finishing up the final gluing of crate flash to 2 hatchets and one axe crate.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spinning tops

The notion of spinning circles to express notions of physical or mental decay & destruction
(the tornado effect)
have always been a personal source of inquiry for me.

this time of the year here has opened up the weather for some moments of foul weather, the sort of weather that spawns spinning circles.

i will use this time to pursue a series of bordered spinning tops.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vaughan carpenter's hatchet and a new sheath

We have hatchets EVERYWHERE at our house.

in the camper we have a vaughan carpenter's hatchet that was needing a sheath.

trimmed from the larger sheet of leather and then laid out the thread roller. 
these wheels make quick and consistent marks for where to drill or awl (whatever your persuasion).

the sheath is three layers thick on the bottom & front and 5 layers thick on the top.
starting leather hatchet sheath
waxed thread will help keep the cemented leather well sandwiched.
i am partial to the design it leaves on the leather too.
(may work with embellishing that effect later) 
sewn in the waxed thread to keep the cemented leather  sandwiched
from the designs (in the notebook) to the final piece.
i usually prefer take the strap under the hammer poll, but in this case i took a different approach. 
vaughan carpenter's hatchet strapped
polished and then burnished the ends.
ready to go back in the camper. 
vuaghan carpenter's hatchet burnished and polished

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Clipboards and a quick bit on my benefits/problems with instagram

Clipboards finished:
clips and boards (wine crate lids) attached with copper rivets

the copper nails arrived and i had a moment to quickly attach the clip mechanism to the board. i was in a hurry to get to work so i took a quick shot of it (i was pleased with the final result) on instagram and then bolted out the door. 

this was 4 days ago.

the benefit: instagram has been a great source of entertainment. i am very keen on an image with a simple caption, i find myself to be more visually oriented, so it fits well with me. i often use it for an immediate fix to present.

problem with: embarrassing as it is, i had intended to write about it here. work became absurdly busy. time went by and because i hadn't really made anything in a few days i was onto the next. completely forgetting about my original intent on posting here. this seems to happen way too frequently.
i will need to stay more focused and remember not to mix up the two means of expression.