Monday, October 14, 2013

Collins camp/pack hatchet - keeping the balance

Just finished the farewell hone and polish on this collins camp/pack hatchet.
will be shipping of to the East Coast.

this is a 5"x3" head, so a bit smaller than i am use to
i was able to find an 18 inch hickory helve that had great orientation and yet was very light weight for the quality. it is important to keep the balance of the tool so such paring are essential.
a good stock of handles on hand to pick from is a huge plus. this affords the hanger to pick the best option for the head.

i have always been an advocate of the longer handle; for reach or for leverage.
when doing detail work (which this tool will be very good for) just choke up.
this lighter handle will be safer (because it is balanced) and yet very sound.
the more versatile the tool, the more useful.

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