Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vaughan carpenter's hatchet and a new sheath

We have hatchets EVERYWHERE at our house.

in the camper we have a vaughan carpenter's hatchet that was needing a sheath.

trimmed from the larger sheet of leather and then laid out the thread roller. 
these wheels make quick and consistent marks for where to drill or awl (whatever your persuasion).

the sheath is three layers thick on the bottom & front and 5 layers thick on the top.
starting leather hatchet sheath
waxed thread will help keep the cemented leather well sandwiched.
i am partial to the design it leaves on the leather too.
(may work with embellishing that effect later) 
sewn in the waxed thread to keep the cemented leather  sandwiched
from the designs (in the notebook) to the final piece.
i usually prefer take the strap under the hammer poll, but in this case i took a different approach. 
vaughan carpenter's hatchet strapped
polished and then burnished the ends.
ready to go back in the camper. 
vuaghan carpenter's hatchet burnished and polished

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