Saturday, December 5, 2015

Getting readjusted with a new endeavor (adult coloring postcards) and an additional website

Sorry for the delay in posting 

I have been working on my newest endeavor of amalgamating meaningful correspondence and design work.

I am currently working on a Squarespace site. I have been desperately needing to have a place to better showcase a few of my ETSY ventures and add a couple more of my favorite subjects for some flair. There is no denying the refinement that comes with this upgrade. Currently, I am planning to focus on Advanced Card Making (my newest venture), Tool Restoration and then eventually more of my Extreme Croquet Mallets.
For some flair I am adding my Chronodex endeavors, themes around my personal desk and my appreciations for the sky.

I invite all to join me in this site:

As of now, I do plan to keep this blog running on my original purpose for my sons to see what nonsense I am up to.

My adult coloring 4"x6" postcards with a built in message/photo pocket will be another post but since I have just posted them to my ETSY shop I would like to give a quick visual share:

Monday, October 19, 2015

chronodex week 38 through today: bare vs bearing

a chronodex moment:
There is that when bare thoughts become organized
suddenly we have a productive bearing.

"split day chronodex"

"2 tri-angle chronodex, 2 rye-angle chronodex

"border chronodex showing age, feeling aged"

"two ribbon chronodex"

"vented badge chronodex"

"bare versus bearing chronodex"

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chronodex week 28 through week 37 hindered

the month of july did not provide
the month of august did.

"classic sea monster" chronodes 

"standing chronodex"

"friday's chronodex"

"sunday's chronodex"

"blue sailor chronodex"

"badge chronodex"

"month change chronodex"

"Harvest chronodex"

skull detail from the "harvest chronodex"

"off to the side chronodex"

"king's cache chronodex" with esterbrook 517 nibs
Esterbrook 517 box detail from "king's cache chronodex"
on the 4th of July, i managed to blink away 20% of my right eyes cornea (recurrent cornea erosion). of course my right is my good eye. left always was crap. so very glad that all is healed and with glasses all is clear again.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The similarity of a galaxy forming and a frozen jar of tea

The similarities between galaxy formations and a frozen jar of tea.

just entertaining myself after finding a frozen jar of tea in the refrigerator.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

water plains: coppers vs steel fleet

We have established the beginnings of two forces:
the steel fleet 
the coppers.

the youngest help set rivets and prepare the boats.
water plain attack: steel fleet coming in from open waters
 the copper already had a great patina on them. being exposed to the element should make for some excellent texturing!
water plain defend: the coppers are ready to repel

the steel fleet comes in from open waters to attach in the coppers waters.

clouds: two layers of anxiety

Trouble is rarely ever simple:
two layers to this anxiety.

better run.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rock displaying on the "water plain"

When we go out hiking or camping we are VERY likely to come back with a rock or two.
these rocks act as sort of a souvenir of the trip, so it seems fitting that we should have a way to present them (at least until they get lost in our landscape). This would also give me a location to organize our collection of "keepers". my other initial goal with this project is to teach the boys about the elements of composition in 3D.

in summary our project is a sort of simplified residential back yard version of a Japanese contemplation rock garden.
the idea is simple: create a large plain of smaller rock that will act as a body of water and then position smaller rocks that will function as small islands.
our scale is very small so i opted for sand as the water. the sand is also easier for picking out debris because it just sits on top versus getting in between the larger pebbles.

to add to the fun, we are making little boats to really help them along in the transition of imaging a large sandbox as a body of water.

back yard rock display with boats
 copper boats vs steel boats, working on our scale
my next step in this project is to see how we can also turn it into a sort of Battle Ship game.
i think a small armada on each side with catapults, like our indoor Crush the Castle game.
back yard rock display with boats

backyard rock display with boats
 the steel from this boat is the binding for railroad tie bails
other materials are bamboo skewers and some scrap cedar.
making boats for backyard rock display
a quick plug for these Milwaukee Markers. these are really holding up well. very good for marking on abused surfaces, metal and wood.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Chronodex week 23 through 27- photographed with a knolling theme

I have found that taking a knolling themed photograph is an excellent way to compliment my chronodex experience.

knolling is the process of arranging (organizing) a focused group of tools that were used for a particular purpose. in my case, i am using the tools i employed for that particular chronodex.

to summarize,  i am simply reinforcing the notion of organization by taking an image of an organized layout to frame a method of time organization.

chronodex 6.2.2015,  "pocket time piece chronodex"

chrono 6.8.2015, "pocket hook chronodex"

chronodex 6.9.2015, "rabbit border chronodex"

chronodex 6.14.2015, "chronodex off the page"

chronodex 6.14.2015, "simply making circles chronodex"

chronodex 6.19.2015, "long lasting chronodex"

chronodex 6.26.2015, "back to work with a vengeance chronodex"
chronodex 6.28.2015, "standing border chronodex"

chronodex 7.3.2015, "festival balls chronodex"

there are sessions when i do not have time to photograph the chronodex
to be honest i sort of feel incomplete.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Belknap Bluegrass hammer restored- used properly

Another very satisfying hammer restoration. 

The stamped Belknap clover worn from years of service
despite the amount of use the face and claw were in EXCELLENT condition.
obviously the owner used this hammer to its proper purpose. too many people use a carpentry hammer like this for demolitions work (we are all guilty of that at least every now and then, myself included), but this just destroys the tool. this is one of those situations i can only hope the next owner will treat this striker as well as the first did.
Belknap Bluegrass hammer used properly, history is still evident in the cheeks.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

chronodex week 18 through 22 - nothing wrong with simple categories

The chronodex is summarized as a "visually oriented time management tool"

to make this work one must take a moment to define the day.

this can be as simple or as complex as the individual needs. i must stress here, that there is no 
"only way". the depth of categorization just depends on the visual uniqueness of the user, complexity of identifying obligations specifically and the degree of task management comments applied to each time block.

i am using the chronodex to "simply" identify free time on the days i work so i can set realistic expectations for my personal endeavors.  
i subscribe to a very simple classifications for my time management.  
i have 3 simple categories:
1. absolute obligations
2. potential obligations
3. open time

i will explain another time but i use index cards to slipped next to my chronodex for my 
task management entries.  

to add to the simplicity, i tend to use only two colors on my clock face: 
red is for sleep (an absolute obligations) 
black for all other absolute & potential obligations.
what is left are the blank spots and those (potential) open blocks. 
oh, how i look forward to those open blocks!
chronodex 4.28.2015 and 4.29.2015
"when two days overlap" chronodex
 doane pocket notebook
green radar eraser
pentel kerry pencil
tombow eraser
esterbrook clip #20
pilot 78G B

chronodex 4.28.2015 and 4.29.2015
"when two days overlap" chronodex
 doane pocket notebook
green radar eraser
pentel kerry pencil
tombow eraser
esterbrook clip #20
pilot 78G B
chronodex 5.1.2015
"two towers chronodex"
kaweco al sport fountain pen
bullet pencil from metalshopct
esterbrook clip No 20
doane pocket notebook
chronodex 5.10.2015
"wreathed chronodex"
TWSBI 580 with stub nib
red radar eraser
esterbrook No 20 clip
doane pocket notebook
chronodex 5.15.2015
"circle chronodex"
chronodex 5.18.2015
"hangman chronodex"
chronodex 5.15.2015
"too much" chronodex
chronodex 5.17.2015
rocketship chronodex

chronodex 5.22.2015
"point off the page chronodex"
chronodex 5.23.2015
"borders galore chronodex"

 chronodex 5.24.2015 video

chronodex 5.25.2015
"Memorial Day Chronodex"
Nebraska is the 37th star

chronodex 5.26.2015
"two days of borders for one chronodex"

chronodex 5.27.2015
"Pen Addict" chronodex