Friday, July 10, 2015

Chronodex week 23 through 27- photographed with a knolling theme

I have found that taking a knolling themed photograph is an excellent way to compliment my chronodex experience.

knolling is the process of arranging (organizing) a focused group of tools that were used for a particular purpose. in my case, i am using the tools i employed for that particular chronodex.

to summarize,  i am simply reinforcing the notion of organization by taking an image of an organized layout to frame a method of time organization.

chronodex 6.2.2015,  "pocket time piece chronodex"

chrono 6.8.2015, "pocket hook chronodex"

chronodex 6.9.2015, "rabbit border chronodex"

chronodex 6.14.2015, "chronodex off the page"

chronodex 6.14.2015, "simply making circles chronodex"

chronodex 6.19.2015, "long lasting chronodex"

chronodex 6.26.2015, "back to work with a vengeance chronodex"
chronodex 6.28.2015, "standing border chronodex"

chronodex 7.3.2015, "festival balls chronodex"

there are sessions when i do not have time to photograph the chronodex
to be honest i sort of feel incomplete.

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