Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hatchet restoration 8

I can take it no more!

This summer had some home projects (and camping) that has taken up my extra time,
i am back in to it now and damn if it doesn't feel good.

the heads have all been rough polished and now are getting some jig file work.
re-establishing the angle of the bit.

next step will be a rough sharpening, fine polish, handle prep, hanging, masking, prime/painting, 
final sharpening, honing, crate making, images and then hopefully passing these gems on to others.

there are 3 axes in the works too.
really a shame i have to go to work soon.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toughest waste paper bin on the block

Yesterday, I was doing some late night desk work when a moment of appreciation hit.
i had created a bunch of paper scraps and put it in my waste paper bin. when i realized how object-to-function oriented i can be.  
i am not obsessive compulsive but i to use specific tools for specific tasks. from building tools to cooking tools to desk tools. these tools either are the best tool for accuracy, efficiency or somehow establish a familiarity that allows me to access the process faster or better than others.

reaching over i tossed the paper into the Landers, Frary & Clark lunch pail. for what ever reason, i took a moment to appreciate the design of this lunch pail. there were lots of details for the owner without it being "too fancy". 
then i had a moment when i thought about the purpose of it and how i relegated from something important as worker's lunch pail to my waste paper pail. 

and may i add one of the most tough looking waste paper pails out there!

in my mind, i went through its lifespan as a functional object, the fact is that in today's modern technology these pails are not nearly as practical. the aesthetic is timeless though; from its historical use (last century workers food pail) to its fancified look. at least this tool has gained a new dedicated purpose and will continue to be admired daily.

Landers, Frary & Clark food pail seeing daily use again, although not to its purpose 100 years ago

Landers, Frary & Clark pail 
i acquired this as a great birthday gift that was given by a great friend,
thank you!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back from branched oak sra

The family had a great couple of days trailer camping.

 excellent weather and no injuries (minus one spider bite that blistered on lochlann's leg).

the first day clouds teased, but the rain stayed south.

second day walking along the shoreline looking for treasures

end of the second day.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taking off the boot

Picked up a little something nasty in the trees.

Entertaining the boys,
entertaining myself!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pen kit expansion

Constantly in the search for adapting my capabilities for whatever situation i may be in.

lately i have been needing access to some more pens when i go to work.
not wanting to carry anything more i thought i should just make a simple addition to my cigar pen case.

i "borrowed" one of wifey's elastic hair bands and cut it in half. this band in particular has 5 rows of rubber threading through the length of the elastic cloth. this gives it a very strong grip.

front view after adding two elastic bands
the black blends in well with the cigar case.

i sewed a simple over loop so it fits tight over the bent nail link.
since i was using a hair band, i had to over compromise a bit by using bent nails as the link. 
back view with the bent nails acting as link

i have been using for a few days and it works perfectly.
i have no pen loss when tossing the kit around.
the leather is stiff enough that there is no buckling when the lid is removed.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Plumb carpenter's hatchet from the vinegar bath

Pulled this plumb carpenter's hatchet from the vinegar bath to find excellent temper and zero structural weaknesses.

the vinegar is weakening and every new tool submersion makes a great brutal landscape.

vinegar bath the plumb carpenter's hatchet came out of .

after the bath i give a quick "rough" polish. this rough polish will inhibit rust until i am able to work on it again and provides another perspective of the tools characteristics. this perspective more often then naught gets me excited to continue on. 

plumb carpenter's hatchet after rough polish.
just starting to show the beauty of its age.
 the next step will be to re-establish a proper bit angle, do any bit to cheek transition profiling, sharpen, fine polish then final hone.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Field notes shipping envelope repurpose

Finding ways to reuse items is a bit of a game for me, just trying to keep the mind active.

when i had received my last 3 pack from field notes (night sky) i had found my next play.
for the book i keep a leather wrap that is identical the the field notes cover i posted earlier in the month. the only difference is that it is bigger.

the field notes shipping envelope would make a perfect insert for loose scraps of paper.
the modifications needed will be:
reduce the dimensions by a 1/3rd,
make a new flap
and add a figure eight tie clasp.

getting started. 
the shipping envelope is sitting under the leather wrap so the size is a bit deceptive. 
i cut the back half to the same size as my 5x5 rhodia pad that i also keep in the leather wrap.
i trimmed the front to the length i wanted the flap and beveled it in just a bit.
field notes shipping envelope repurpose - getting started
 with the length of the flap established i "V" cut the back so i can better access the papers inside.
punched two holes and cut some square leathers (scrap from the leather briefcase).
i had a choice of brass tack rivets or permanent crimp rivets. i chose the brass tack because they remind me of the more paper/office type option.
field notes shipping envelope repurpose - reduced 1/3 and preparing tie clasp
 some thin elastic string fixed to the bottom flap and wrapped around the top.
field notes shipping envelope repurpose - attached figure eight tie clasp
 resized and now repurposed.
field notes shipping envelope repurpose - now fits inside the leather wrap

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hammer crate weight

Vintage 16 ounce plumb hammer now in the hands of my favorite barber (a gift from his brother).

here just weighing down the final paper flash on the hammer crate.
the weight came from my father's old barn.

grateful to see it go to a good home.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hops in mid july

The cascade hops is going strong. 

out of the 8 lines (3-4 vines per line) , i actually have one that is dying. 
tomorrow i will check if it was pests or the lawn mower. i have a feeling it was the mower.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Low horizon, high sky. just thinking out loud

I think it is time to segregate one of my thoughts patterns.
this one will not necessarily for the boys, but for my own needs of clarification or maybe it is a need for                               ....................................................................classification.

life on the plains affords us so much blue that to deny it would be to ignore one of our strongest visual realities. at least for those of us whom constantly look out (or desperately wish they were out).

when the blue gains texture and becomes dramatic our physical self has no where to hide.
i would like to pay some respect to this high sky effect.

i am not sure what to call it but i am getting a feel for the guidelines.
i will though keep the mode of expression loose.
nothing wrong with a little variety with a specific topic.

rings under my eye,
define the sun setting on a malt sky,
all whilst lying on my side.
-my scottish ale as i write this post.

despite the "loose" visual expressions,
i will keep the focus on that above me 
racinating from that above.

Monday, July 15, 2013

And the cow jumped over the moon

So what makes turns a crap work day turn out good:

1. get to see my boys
2. witness to a bit of humor
(nothing wrong with a bit of nonsense to lighten the day)
i only see a cow jumping over the moon.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mulberry cider

Mulberry tree is in full fruiting.

With this we can make our mulberry cider:

2 quarts of mulberries
2 cups of sugar
4 gallons apple juice
champagne yeast

even careful picking of the fruit will leave the fingers a bit purple.
nothing though that soap can not take care of.
mulberry cider - mulberry fingers
 a quick rinse under running water, then put in a steamer so the mulberries can be brew clean.
i add the 2 cups of additional sugar to the water at the bottom of the steamer. 
when done steaming i will not want to get rid of the mulberry rich water at the bottom.
steaming should be a minimum of 20 minutes.
mulberry cider - steaming the mulberries
 after the steamed mulberries have cooled i will add them to the fermenter.

the order of ingredients to the fermenter:
2 gallons of apple juice, 
 mulberry/sugar solution, 
1 gallon of apple juice (to clean the funnel),
and the final gallon of apple juice. 
mulberry cider - adding mulberries to the carboy
 i use vodka in the fermenter lock.
mulberry cider - just waiting for fermentation
 bubbling glory as fermentation had been 24 hours active.
mulberry cider - 24 hours of fermentation
in one week we will move to a secondary fermentor.
we will keep 3-4 weeks in the secondary.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Toilet paper

why is the toilet paper always gone before i get there?
why in the hell don't i look first?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Crossing the bridge

Coming into town, traveling from the east.

whether coming in from the north, east, south or west,
i have a landmark that indicates that i am at the "almost there" moment. 

crossing the missouri river from Iowa, this bridge is it.
damn it good to be home.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dirty vinegar bath making lava

A plumb carpenters hatchet looks as if it about to sink in a pool of lava.

unless i absolutely can not wait, i reserve the vinegar bath for multiple tool soakings. this particular batch has a double bit, two large single bits and two carpenters hatchets (one being this plumb). 
before this lot, the solution cleaned a rusty horseshoe. 

even when the strength of the vinegar weakens, the solution will have a bit more usability. the only drawback is that it may take a bit longer to dissolve the corrosion. there is no need to waste when all that is needed is a bit of patience. 

the added benefit to well used vinegar is that these crazy lava formations are created.
i look forward to see colors, textures and shapes form at the end of the vinegar baths life.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Leather cover for field notes - multiple carries

Under the notion that different thoughts need to be cataloged uniquely, as well as the needs of the day vary so,
i carry three forms of ability to accomodate this:

1-field notes for the back pocket and two pens in the front pocket = always on my person
2-iphone = always on my person
3-midori style, field note size leather organizer = i take but keep at a base (keep at a desk, workbench or in the truck), i do not carry this at every moment. however i can access very easily.

the first two are always on my person and are the bare minimum carry.
if i don't have respectable paper and a proper pencil i feel a certain loss of potential (for either creating a thought or maintaining it)
after all the means must justify the ends

the notebook in my back pocket and the pens in the front (y-backs) or side (carhartts),
one rotated fountain pen and one stinger tactical pen that uses a fisher space pen refill and that i use as a wood awl.
i lead an active life and my back pocket field notes often need a bit of reinforcement along the spine.
midori style notebook cover i made from an old leather briefcase. together with my back pocket carry i can keep my day better organized).
it is impractical to carry a midori and pen kit on my person all day, so i keep it as a base of organization and when i need access to writing tools beyond my pocket.
this is invaluable to keep me organized in a refined carry.

midori style cover with folders made from old accordian files.

i made the inserts from retired accordian files. the card stock is a bit more durable and often has textures and age markings i like.
 the leather is from an old leather briefcase. i simply reconditioned the leather and cut to my personal needs. i prefer the leather to wrap around so i can better contain more files and materials i accumulate.
 i just added this button made from bone as a new tab for the elastic wrap cord.
a souvenir from this year's black hills trip.
midori style leather keeper with bone button
everything i need to keep myself organized in a day.
midori style cover with cigar pen case.

Hot shot

Lochlann the deadeye.

he is so good, his shots make fire!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 Independence day extreme croquet

Here we go!

lochlann sets off the opening ceremony smoke bomb

i start the game with a BOOM!

lewis punches through with a KAPOW!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

True temper kelly perfect double bit axe head

This kelly perfect double bit is going to make an extra fine tool:
no structural weaknesses 
a good temper.

when i see these tools after the vinegar bath, in their bare state, i completely understand how some prefer to keep this aesthetic.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Just a drop

A moment in the day, today:

a small slice when cutting some new vegetable cages. i gave it a quick wash because the metal was dirty. 
(i cut myself frequently and never mind the blood. though i do take caution to protect from infection.)

a small cut like this will get a quick wash with soap and some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.
rub it in good and then cover with a bandaid until it stops bleeding (taking it off as soon as possible).

if the surface i cut it on is "nasty" then after the wash and alcohol i will smear on some antibiotic cream, then the bandage.

after cleaning, i noticed how the new flow followed the knuckle folds.
cutting vegetable cages. washed then dribbled a bit.
i am up to date on my tetanus shot.
always up to date.