Saturday, July 20, 2013

Field notes shipping envelope repurpose

Finding ways to reuse items is a bit of a game for me, just trying to keep the mind active.

when i had received my last 3 pack from field notes (night sky) i had found my next play.
for the book i keep a leather wrap that is identical the the field notes cover i posted earlier in the month. the only difference is that it is bigger.

the field notes shipping envelope would make a perfect insert for loose scraps of paper.
the modifications needed will be:
reduce the dimensions by a 1/3rd,
make a new flap
and add a figure eight tie clasp.

getting started. 
the shipping envelope is sitting under the leather wrap so the size is a bit deceptive. 
i cut the back half to the same size as my 5x5 rhodia pad that i also keep in the leather wrap.
i trimmed the front to the length i wanted the flap and beveled it in just a bit.
field notes shipping envelope repurpose - getting started
 with the length of the flap established i "V" cut the back so i can better access the papers inside.
punched two holes and cut some square leathers (scrap from the leather briefcase).
i had a choice of brass tack rivets or permanent crimp rivets. i chose the brass tack because they remind me of the more paper/office type option.
field notes shipping envelope repurpose - reduced 1/3 and preparing tie clasp
 some thin elastic string fixed to the bottom flap and wrapped around the top.
field notes shipping envelope repurpose - attached figure eight tie clasp
 resized and now repurposed.
field notes shipping envelope repurpose - now fits inside the leather wrap

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