Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toughest waste paper bin on the block

Yesterday, I was doing some late night desk work when a moment of appreciation hit.
i had created a bunch of paper scraps and put it in my waste paper bin. when i realized how object-to-function oriented i can be.  
i am not obsessive compulsive but i to use specific tools for specific tasks. from building tools to cooking tools to desk tools. these tools either are the best tool for accuracy, efficiency or somehow establish a familiarity that allows me to access the process faster or better than others.

reaching over i tossed the paper into the Landers, Frary & Clark lunch pail. for what ever reason, i took a moment to appreciate the design of this lunch pail. there were lots of details for the owner without it being "too fancy". 
then i had a moment when i thought about the purpose of it and how i relegated from something important as worker's lunch pail to my waste paper pail. 

and may i add one of the most tough looking waste paper pails out there!

in my mind, i went through its lifespan as a functional object, the fact is that in today's modern technology these pails are not nearly as practical. the aesthetic is timeless though; from its historical use (last century workers food pail) to its fancified look. at least this tool has gained a new dedicated purpose and will continue to be admired daily.

Landers, Frary & Clark food pail seeing daily use again, although not to its purpose 100 years ago

Landers, Frary & Clark pail 
i acquired this as a great birthday gift that was given by a great friend,
thank you!

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