Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A perfect marriage: Kaweco AL Sport and my pliers holder

I think that everyone is (or should be) just a bit concerned as to what they carry on their person. 
each item should have a valued purpose and an equally heightened aesthetic level. this elevated concern for how something looks is not at all about vanity but rather a discerning view that stands firm on the notion that the looks should be as good as its performance. why in the hell should we sacrifice one for the other, we are better than that.

a perfect example of a lasting aesthetic-function marriage:
the last pliers sheath i made paired with a Kaweco AL Sport. they make a damn fine couple.

This particular fountain pen looks like it belongs on a workers belt.

it is compact = the pliers sheath is big enough. in fact it's smaller size draws attention to it.
machined from aluminum = it is tough and can take a beating without hurting the nib
screw cap = does a good job keeping dust and grit out.
faceted cap = aluminum is slick enough and the faceted sides of the cap when posted give it a grip. 

the octagonal cap is also a familiar feel as it relates so well to the handles i hang on my restored hammers.

feels good works even better!
everything about this pen is a win.

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