Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saving the leather from an old stirrup bag

Along with the leather saddle bags i also acquired this leather stirrup bag that had some great stamping.
the bag itself is in pretty rough shape
the outer leather is nice.

an old stirrup bag to be readied for a future project
the stamping is very attractive
there has to be something that i can make from this skin.
the problem is that i am not sure what yet. a small hatchet sheath is the easy answer, but i would like to find something else. if anything just for the challenge of making something that i want/need but can keep as much of the tooling composition intact.

no matter what, it is important to prepare future material for use now. no need to wait until the thoughts come to mind for what this shall be used for. 
just get it conditioned now.

first i removed the suede liner. the threading of course is usually the first to go, but there are also cuts and discolouring in the suede. i will save for another project. right now i am only concerned with focusing on the full grain leather outer.

removing the inner suede lining from the leather stirrup bag
after the suede and the stitching is removed, i started the cleaning process.
first removing the dirt and grime with water and a very light amount of soap.
next some light coats of neatsfoot to condition the slightly dry leather.

the stirrup bag has been disassembled and the leather conditioned for future project.
the stamping is a keeper
this will do for now.
brainstorming begins for a project. if anything when the thoughts do come to mind then i will have the leather ready for use.

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