Friday, December 27, 2013

Heavy on the nib creep from a Wing Sung 235 i took to work

Everyone has their unique "perfect" blend of fountain pens ready to go for particular occasions. 

i have simplified my catagories to:
at the desk (safe working environment),
at work (semi-safe working environment),
in the workshop (not safe one damn bit working environment).

safety in the above categories is toward my pens safety. although i suppose the way i go about projects the workshop may apply to both my pens and myself.

most of my work fountain pens need to be of the tougher variety. usually made of aluminum or brass and need to be able to take a knock. every now and then though i take a less than sturdy variety that i can use as a highlighter next to a computer or tethered to a clipboard. just to put some variety in the standards.

earlier this week i took a Wing Sung 235 to work as a highlighter.
this was the first time i had taken it to work.

heavy nib creep on a wing sung 235 fountain pen

heavy nib creep on a wing sung 235 fountain pen

 i had purchased some time this summer just for the hell of it (under $5). I wanted to see how a very inexpensive pen like this would hold up. The pen had somehow managed off the computer and onto my person.

jumping forward to this morning when i was sorting out my day, i saw this pen and opened it up.
needless to say it did not handle the knocking around very well at all. most pathetic was that day wasn't even a heavy physical day and the pen did this. 

despite the heavy build up in the feed, if i were to just wipe it off with a cloth then it would write fine. but a deep cleaning is in order and quite honestly am done with this experiment and will relegate this pen to a R.I.P. drawer. the pen preformed how i thought: poorly.

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