Monday, July 8, 2013

Dirty vinegar bath making lava

A plumb carpenters hatchet looks as if it about to sink in a pool of lava.

unless i absolutely can not wait, i reserve the vinegar bath for multiple tool soakings. this particular batch has a double bit, two large single bits and two carpenters hatchets (one being this plumb). 
before this lot, the solution cleaned a rusty horseshoe. 

even when the strength of the vinegar weakens, the solution will have a bit more usability. the only drawback is that it may take a bit longer to dissolve the corrosion. there is no need to waste when all that is needed is a bit of patience. 

the added benefit to well used vinegar is that these crazy lava formations are created.
i look forward to see colors, textures and shapes form at the end of the vinegar baths life.

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