Monday, July 1, 2013

Just a drop

A moment in the day, today:

a small slice when cutting some new vegetable cages. i gave it a quick wash because the metal was dirty. 
(i cut myself frequently and never mind the blood. though i do take caution to protect from infection.)

a small cut like this will get a quick wash with soap and some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.
rub it in good and then cover with a bandaid until it stops bleeding (taking it off as soon as possible).

if the surface i cut it on is "nasty" then after the wash and alcohol i will smear on some antibiotic cream, then the bandage.

after cleaning, i noticed how the new flow followed the knuckle folds.
cutting vegetable cages. washed then dribbled a bit.
i am up to date on my tetanus shot.
always up to date.

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