Monday, July 22, 2013

Pen kit expansion

Constantly in the search for adapting my capabilities for whatever situation i may be in.

lately i have been needing access to some more pens when i go to work.
not wanting to carry anything more i thought i should just make a simple addition to my cigar pen case.

i "borrowed" one of wifey's elastic hair bands and cut it in half. this band in particular has 5 rows of rubber threading through the length of the elastic cloth. this gives it a very strong grip.

front view after adding two elastic bands
the black blends in well with the cigar case.

i sewed a simple over loop so it fits tight over the bent nail link.
since i was using a hair band, i had to over compromise a bit by using bent nails as the link. 
back view with the bent nails acting as link

i have been using for a few days and it works perfectly.
i have no pen loss when tossing the kit around.
the leather is stiff enough that there is no buckling when the lid is removed.

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