Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chronodex week 28 through week 37 hindered

the month of july did not provide
the month of august did.

"classic sea monster" chronodes 

"standing chronodex"

"friday's chronodex"

"sunday's chronodex"

"blue sailor chronodex"

"badge chronodex"

"month change chronodex"

"Harvest chronodex"

skull detail from the "harvest chronodex"

"off to the side chronodex"

"king's cache chronodex" with esterbrook 517 nibs
Esterbrook 517 box detail from "king's cache chronodex"
on the 4th of July, i managed to blink away 20% of my right eyes cornea (recurrent cornea erosion). of course my right is my good eye. left always was crap. so very glad that all is healed and with glasses all is clear again.

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