Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Clipboards and a quick bit on my benefits/problems with instagram

Clipboards finished:
clips and boards (wine crate lids) attached with copper rivets

the copper nails arrived and i had a moment to quickly attach the clip mechanism to the board. i was in a hurry to get to work so i took a quick shot of it (i was pleased with the final result) on instagram and then bolted out the door. 

this was 4 days ago.

the benefit: instagram has been a great source of entertainment. i am very keen on an image with a simple caption, i find myself to be more visually oriented, so it fits well with me. i often use it for an immediate fix to present.

problem with: embarrassing as it is, i had intended to write about it here. work became absurdly busy. time went by and because i hadn't really made anything in a few days i was onto the next. completely forgetting about my original intent on posting here. this seems to happen way too frequently.
i will need to stay more focused and remember not to mix up the two means of expression.

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