Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hatchet sheath

Finished up the first copy of a new style of hatchet sheath.
I wanted a sheath that had a reminiscent look of one of my border designs. 

the copper rivet with a penny burr's main function is to act as a secondary level of protection if there is ever a fall with tool sheathed. the stitching is to protect the bit, the rivet is to protect the carrier incase the threading gives. 
what the image doesn't show is that there are three layers of leather on the front & bottom and there are 5 layers of leather on the top. 
Next I will bring in the center penny burr in just a bit and work one in to each corner.

I used the penny burr again to fix he strap to the back cheek. This gives me a chance to show off the tails on the back side of the sheath and to repeat the material.

so far i am pleased with the overall direction i am heading.
i always like a project where my initial work is a good start (at least in my mind).

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