Sunday, September 15, 2013

1x keen kutter carpenters hatchet 1x collins camp hatchet and 1x companion pack hatchet

Friday before work i was able to post 3 more hatchets on etsy.

this keen kutter is a great tool. i have actually been using it for about a year before rehanging and putting fresh flash on it. the steel holds an edge very well and i am very partial to the balance of this 18" striker.

this collins camp hatchet is amazingly LIGHT.
i have been asked in the past for recommendations on a tool that is 18" but not very heavy  
(mostly for youths)
and this collins would be an example of an answer.

the trick is to find a handle whose handle is made of slightly newer growth. there are still plenty of annual lines but not overly dense.

below is a pack hatchet. using a short 14" handle, this companion hatched can easily be stored inside a small day pack.

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