Thursday, September 19, 2013

Waltham and Sheaffer fountain pen re-sac

Now in my possession, i ink dip tested two of my late great grandfather's fountain pens.
both wrote well and deserved to at least be re-sac'd.

outside of a petrified ink sac, the Sheaffer was in pretty fair condition.
i thoroughly cleaned out the barrel, section, section coupler, feed and nib.
damn if dried ink doesn't seem to need endless flushing.

my own quirk, i always let liquid adhesives & coatings cure for a maximum period of time.
in this case i just left the shellac overnight.

the next day it drew in the ink well. the nib was fed well and wrote with a very consistent line. even for my quick print.

the waltham though has seen some real use and the wear shows in the nib. even the 14K nib has no remaining gold plating. in addition to the wear from use, there was some corrosion from storage.

removed the petrified sac, a thorough cleaning, re-sac and now is ready to go.
this pen was fairly difficult to get apart and putting back together was much the same. i was anxious to get this pen together and test the re-sac success so the image shows a minute gap between the section and the barrel. this has since been tightly seated together. even in a hurry i had the sense not to force the connection.

i will enjoy writing with this pen.

both pens are fairly wet and not suitable for fieldnotes.
rhodia though is perfectly good.

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