Friday, September 20, 2013

Pilot metropolitan fountain pen "function first" modification

At work i use fountain pens at the desk and out away from.
unfortunately, i must differentiate between the two places.

away from the desk i can use a pilot metropolitan. this pen can take a hit to the floor, can take a 
stub nib  (this is actually very important to me) and can be replaced inexpensively.
one thing i noticed about this pen is aesthetic of the raw brass where it had worn away from being in my pocket. i thought this to be a very appropriate look in my work environment. 

this mod was just an entertaining project to change the aesthetic of the pen by exposing the raw brass
add a way to have the cap stand upright when i am using the pen without the cap being posted. 
(this allows me to put it on a small area, be noticeable and grab it easily).

one important note on this modification is that it is a "function first" mod. when the final product is laid out it looks like two separate items combined together. that is ok on this project.
the function is perfect, the material exposure is consistent and from the pocket or uncapped looks really good. this pen lives in only two places:
1. capped in the pocket
2. uncapped and in use.

outside of these two places this pen does not actually exist.

for the pen caps fixed podium, i was going to used a .243 casing.
this was a particular size was perfect and brass. i flattened the pen cap just a bit so i could seat and affix the two components together better.

next i removed the rest of the finish from the brass parts of the pen.
the dry fit shows that the brass from the casing was more tarnished doesn't yet look like a good fit.  

i gave a rough polish to the pen brass and a more fine polish to the casing brass.
this really started to tie together the materials. 

i fixed the parts together and gave it a final polish.

i will let this pen tarnish naturally. if the composition of the brass is too different and age out of sync then i will polish and clear coat.

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