Thursday, September 12, 2013

Xbox travel case from a wine crate

The oldest son needed a travel case for his xbox,
so i thought i would punch one out today.

 i started with a full size wine crate. i wanted the fit to be somewhat tight so i cut off 5 inches from the length.

 after trimming down i reassembled with glue and better fasteners.

i added an internal framework for strength and to act as a frame for the 1" foam cello foam 
(this is a stiffer cushion).
there is an external frame i added too for more interest.

on the top i added some flash to personalize his case.

the fit is nice and tight. the lower level is for his console and the power supply.
the hinged & padded stop allows room on the top for his final cords, controller and some games on top.

not as light as a cardboard box but still very light. 
wine crates themselves are surprising low in weight.

mac was happy with his new case. i am very grateful that he doesn't mind my "cobble" style.

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