Friday, September 6, 2013

Bottling mulberry cider and beer closet storage

Last night wifey and i bottled our mulberry cider.

as usual i had too many projects and completely blew off running the cider into a secondary.
started july 14th, it had about 7 weeks in the carboy.

 from the fermentor

to the bottling bucket that has the priming sugar

to the bottle (we made it easy by using all gasket top bottles and growlers)
and then
to storage

for storage we have a basement closet dedicated to brewing supplies.
one of those small closets that are roughed in from the inside but looks finished on the out.

because the studs were exposed in the closet, when we moved in years ago i immediately built some quick little shelves between each stud, tall enough to hold 22 ounce bombers for storage and aging.
this closet gets no light and has the most even temperature in the house. perfect.

there is always that little bit in the bottom that allows me to ice and have a quick sample to get an idea as to what the final product is probably going to be.
even though it sat in the fruit for almost two months there was no tannin flavors, nor  was there any bitterness.
this will be very smooth!

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