Sunday, September 22, 2013

Small clipboard made from wine crate lids

I needed some more clipboards at work and another one for the workbench.
i had some wine crates waiting for a purpose. i usually make wood toolboxes with the body of the box and use the lid for drawing boards, clipboards, ect. what i like about these lids is that unlike the body of the box that is solid wood, the lid is in fact veneered on both sides. the lids are almost half as thin and feather light. the core of the oil also will be a different color when a clear coat is applied. this gives it some interesting variation when held. perfect for clipboards.

i cut these last week knowing i had finally found a good deal on copper shingling nails.  being such a stingy bastard, i was not going to settle on retail plus shipping prices. i found this 8 pound 1 1/2" lot on ebay for about 8 dollars a pound (included shipping). this is one-third the retail price with shipping. at around 200 nails per pound this makes for a good supply. i only use these for rivets.

i often use pre-1982 pennies for my burrs. i personally like the aesthetic. really the only time i do not is when space is too limited for the wide diameter of a penny.

these clipboards are for A5 and smaller. 
this takes care of the portable rhodia and the fieldnotes/doane farm notebooks i use.

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