Thursday, October 10, 2013

Collins single bit axe and a passing idea

Finished up this collins single bit and will try to get it posted tomorrow before work.

collins single bit. 
i take great satisfaction in getting others excited about restoring their own tools, especially when someone is able to do some of the work for themselves. there is something to a tool when their own hand was in the restoration process (or the entire process).
 the one variable that i keep constant, is that if the person does not have enough experience then i am there during the final hanging. this affords me first-hand inspection and guarantees that the tool will be safe and reliable.

i briefly played with the idea of offering kits for others who may want to tackle some of the different levels of restoration. there could be a kit where they get a completely restored head and an unfitted helve and they do the entire hanging.
a kit with a completely restored head and a dry fit helve. the new owner just needs to put the final whacks on hanging and do the wedge work.

in the end i talked myself out of it. 
the "kit" idea would take me too far from the individual tackling the project. this restoration process is about being able to be there, constantly evaluating the soundness of the tools parts and the skill of the restorer. without that fist hand accountability to make sure all was safe and sound, i felt the idea to be not responsible. 

it was still entertaining to play with the notion of different kit offerings.

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