Saturday, October 12, 2013

Length of shower - INVASION

Beer in the shower is as essential as the soap and water. 
in fact, soap is really an elective and ranks 3rd.

it was late and i am not afraid to say that i don't like to sleep in a bed dirty, so i go to basement shower and WHAM! 
wifey moved all of these health and beauty items into the dirty pigs, mac (oldest son) and my, shower. 

just so there is no concerns, i relegated one health and hygiene bottle and replaced it with another (heavy horse scottish ale).

heavy horse scottish ale from big sky brewing company is one of my favorite fall seasonals. 

this beer's octane qualifies it as a wee heavy, but is so smooth that it tastes more like an 80 shilling.
from the big sky website:

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