Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gem tipped eberhard faber pencil

What to do with a pencil of personal significance?
for the vast majority (99.9%) of tools i have, i use without reservation.
in my mind, a tool is there to execute a particular endeavor.
the more tools one has, the more tasks one can complete competently. 
there is one that i have difficulty using.

my great grandfather's Green gem tipped eberhard faber advertisement pencil.

great grandfather's gem tipped eberhard faber pencil
it is a pencil that fights with my "use all to the end" mentality.
 i often find the occasion where this particular utensil would be perfect.
extremely portable and functional, why in the hell don't they still make these.

it may stem from the notion that unlike other shop tools, the pencil has such a short life. this plus the personal significance raises its stature from stubby pencil to type of dignified family portrait.

the gem at the end is the finale.
i may have to make a frame for this piece of memorability.
include a photo of great grandfather and a sample of his writing. 
the gem tipped end of the eberhard faber

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