Saturday, December 29, 2012

Catapult wars

Mac vs me 

two out of three and the first born showed dad who the boss was.
never made it to the third game.

my set up

mac's set up
 had to buy another bag of rubber bands.
made the catapults from scrap wood from an oak pallet.
the catapults are roughly: base 11.5"x5" and the arm length is 10".
i got this design from an online site with free plans. i think it was "crush the castle". i stayed pretty true to their plans. just added a platform to give it a bit more stability.
one of our catapults.
we set up about 10 feet from each other. 
with the bands moved to a lower rung and even more bands added we can easily double the distance.
boy number two is next on the challenge.

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