Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hatchet shipping case finished

All of the shipping crates are finished.

i had decided to wait until january first to post for selling so i spaced out the completion of the final touches. 
i was willing to wait because i thought it was a bit scheming to put them out there during the last days of holiday shopping. these axes and hatches need to get out there but not at the expense of seeming that i was trying to profit on last minute purchases.
it also gave me a little time to be satisfied with some of my final decisions.

one side is hinged, while the other has two clasps: a wooden one for keeping securely closed while shipping and one for quick secure if one wants to have suspended on the wall. the back of the case has two eyelets for easy attachment to the wall.
shipping crate with wooden cleat that uses a screw to keep it closed for shipping
the leather clasp is for keeping it closed when it is hanging on the wall 
 i also wanted to to put a thought rocket thank you in the crate too.
the only thing needed now is a buyer and wrapping with padding.
thought rocket thank you will be suspended when hung on the wall

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