Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chronodex week 21 and 22 and the Okoboji trip

this year's summers vacation was centered around the oldest son's soccer tournament. 

leaving nebraska through the north omaha mormon bridge. always a good start to leave the state in nebraska rush hour.
mormon bridge and nebraska rush hour

there is a small amusement park in okoboji and was perfect for introducing the boys to their first roller coaster and log rides. 
okoboji log ride

the roller coaster was particularly fun because it was a wooden one.
really wish i had taken video of them on their first ride. 

also they were on their first ferris wheel.  
okoboji ferris wheel

chronodex showing the new esterbrook cord clips 
chronodex 5.25.2014 and esterbrook cord clip

had to ship some tools so i was filling out some thought rockets and that let to making a thought rocket chronodex. 
rocket ship chronodex 5.30.2014

"V"ictory chronodex 6.1.2014
triple "V"ictory chronodex 6.2.2014

red ribbon chronodex 6.3.2014

crap, running out of time, need to get to work.

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