Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Working while the storm comes and then keeps coming

I do try to leave time/space between my posts but wanted to give a 
before and after shift shot of the weather.

i want to emphasize how important storms are for getting my blood flowing. yesterday we had a great front come in and it contributed to an entire evening of wave upon wave of intense rains.

i would rather of enjoyed watching from home, but instead took the show when i could from work.

early/mid afternoon the party started with a great textured air show of "rolling" clouds

when it was time to go home, i was given a quick calm for the ride and then the next wave came.
the short motion clip is from before i got in the vehicle to head home.

the lightning is real, but the thunder i was recording was to washed out from the wind. I had to cobble an "approximate" thunder noise.

it was a good shift!

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