Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chronodex week 23 and 24 and keeping the chronodex vague

I have mentioned before the value of setting reasonable expectations for what one can do in a day
how the chronodex works perfectly for me.

always wanting to fit too much in a day, i simply need a quick visual to see how much open time i have. seeing this open/closed time on paper does quite a bit to keep me positive on the busiest of days. it also allows me to pick and choose which project to work on according the the time block open. i no longer tackle a very time needy task when i have a short block of time to work. 

from what i have seen and read many people do put some detail into their organizing systems, including the chronodex. 
when i use this clock themed icon i keep it task "vague". i simply want to see what my open time is to work on projects. 

June chronodex 6.10.2014

I should of been asleep hours ago chronodex 6.11.2014

Hammer chronodex 6.13.2014

mitsubishi red chronodex 6.15.2014

silver maple leaf chronodex 6.16.2014

licorice pipe chronodex 6.20.2014
june 22 2014 chronodex

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