Friday, June 13, 2014

Esterbrook 414 desk set

Continuing on with my Esterbrook fancy, i have acquired an Esterbrook 114 desk set.
the pen has a 9668 nib.
I have been particularly keen on this model, because of its ceramic body with opaque gloss black glaze.
the reflective value of the glaze goes a long way to accent the form of the well's body.

there is something about a desk pen that seemed so right. i do have plenty of dedicated writers that i use in certain locations or for certain tasks, but to have one designed to be so dependent on a specific location seemed important.

before cleaning had to take a late night photo.

for only $14 i was expecting the pen's bladder to be petrified
after cleaning found it to still being very elastic and seated.

always curious when i clean these older pens for the first time as to how old this ink is that.

i will do some smoothing of the nib, but it will take very little work to make this SMOOOTH.

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