Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Plumb 16 ounce claw hammer shipping off to Alberta

Just shipped this beauty of a 16 ounce Plumb claw hammer to Alberta.

restored 16 ounce Plumb claw hammer
I took this photo as to show the mirrored surface of the slightly bellied head i formed when restoring this striker against the textured, historically untouched cheeks and shoulders. 

I designate and promote these vintage hammer restores for "fine woodworking". I slightly belly the face of the head so one does not get that ring around the nail look.  the belly will allow the fastener to go just below the surface of the wood plane. I polish the head to show the quality of the steel and to show that this is a restore. there are many views on restoration out there and i really take to the camp of showing the history and putting the history into context (next to the refurbished parts).

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