Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stanley M boy's axe and the final packaging

Shipping of this Stanley M boy's axe to California.
restored Stanley M boy's axe
Before I started offering custom leather sheaths the final hone after the sale was my farewell to the tool.
after the hone came the packaging inside the crate
now, when given the opportunity to add a sheath to the tool i get to extend the farewell.
leather sheath for Stanley M boy's axe
the crate is first and foremost a shipping vehicle. we have all seen how the couriers deliver some of our packages at our front door and i refuse to let a new owner's striker get jiggered up because of a courier. tools are made to be used and get marks on them BUT it should be the owner's "user marks" on them.
Restored Stanley M boy's axe ready for shipping
my opinion stands that the marks we procure on a tool, through our personal use, will enhance our or relationship with it. the more marks there are the greater the relationship.

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