Saturday, August 16, 2014

Never enough boxes

For about three months my desk has been in a state of "visible overflowing"
it was time to make another round of those boxes. the ones that sit on my wall mounted shelves
hide my excess desk fodder (new and spent pocket notebooks, vintage pens and pencils repaired & waiting to be, designs and all sorts of stuff.

in no time at all i made six more boxes from old wine crate wood.
six more boxes made from old wine crates
 after finishing the boxes it was time to put some design work on the front slide doors.
these designs help me keep track of what is inside and adds some flash to an otherwise lack luster box design. 
some more boxes made from wine crates ready for action on wall mounted shelves

actually i now need to make another round of wall mounted shelves now.
solve one problem, make another.
damn i LOVE these problems!

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