Saturday, August 9, 2014

New palm handle for chisel

I hope i am not the only one out there that accepts the subpar for way too long.

i have had this socket shafted chisel that has been handleless for over a year. i use it for dirty woodworking and even though i have many chisels i have still found myself using this with out the handle from time to time. 
i finally had some time to get caught up on some tool repair and immediately put this on the to do list.
because i have been using it as a palm chisel i decided to keep it that way.
this allowed me to make it a bit more decorative.

i have a number of old table legs that i end up reshaping for croquet posts and designated this one to be the handle for the chisel.

a rounded top and the post goes all the way to the bottom of the socket makes this comfortable and strong.

really outside of making sure the post was form fitting this was a very fast project.
one i should of done a LLOONNGG time ago.

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