Friday, February 22, 2013

Restoring vintage hammers

Hammers are lined up and really are just needing to be hung.

as with all of my restored tools i want to keep the history of the tool present in the final product.
for this lot of hammers i have focused on re-milling the head and the claw poll up to the eye; while leaving the cheeks textured as i discovered them.

by the level of polish it will allow one to see the quality of steel 
 support my efforts to have a tool that looks and feels from our history,  but beyond the "old and tired".
the steel of these are very good. to be admired and enjoyed.

hammers have two functions: constructing and deconstructing.

for vintage hammers, i believe them to be best for finer woodworking projects.
i would leave the rough construction and deconstruction projects for the new titanium hammers or 
crap hammers whose life is best temporary. 

i leave a slight belly on all heads.
this will allow the nail to go below the surface of the plane that one is driving it into.

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