Friday, April 24, 2015

Full Extreme Croquet set with Posts

A full set of 6 extreme croquet mallets heading off to Canada.

To hell with cookie cutter sets and tools:
There is always some variety when making each mallet. i absolutely prefer to treat each one as its own unit and although they all have the same 2x2 stripe theme, each one is slightly different in height, girth and weight. on top of that there are three hardwoods represented here in the head: bubinga, paduak and one fish scale oak head.

each striker is as unique as the player controlling them.

 with a set of mallets it is only natural to fullfill the buyers request for a set of posts that reflect their colors.

I am particularly drawn to those century past posts that are decoratively turned.
it this case i had 2 nice oak table legs that had some interesting detail. I simply rasped and sanded into final shape. painted and clear coated a finish. and finally drilled out a hole in the top to place a flag if the game director so desires.

individually wrapped and tied firmly together with some remnants from a quilt a family member made for me. after this photo i attached the walls and the top of the crate, packed in more bubble wrap and then fit into a large box.

there is a reward in finishing any project
i must admit a full set is something special!

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