Friday, January 8, 2016

Genuine Plumb Carpenter's hatchet and shipping crate

The carpenter's hatchet continues to be my favorite "all season" sort of a tool
this Genuine Plumb is an excellent example of a striker that will serve the new owner amazingly.

Genuine Plumb carpenter's hatchet ready for the new owner

Just as a reminder, not all hatchets are made to hit with the poll. The carpenter's hatchet on the other hand is just begging to dish out some beatings (from the cutting edge and the hammering poll). This striker can play any role: from a diverse camping tool - to a truck tool - to a fine woodworking bench companion.

Genuine Plumb carpenter's hatchet and leather sheath ready for the new owner

To protect both the owner and the tool, I included a hand stitched my typical axe/hatchet sheath. I recommend keeping the sheath on when just using the hammer pole of the hatchet. After all, the swinger will be raising a blade toward themselves in every swing of the hammer side. If i had my own way I would put a sheath on everyone's bladed tool. 

Framed for viewing, the Genuine Plumb stamp.
Genuine Plumb logo

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