Saturday, March 19, 2016

Highlighted Chronodex and a Quick Note on the Photograph

A Chronodex session consists of a number of beneficial steps. From defining my open time to what I can reasonable accomplish in those free blocks of time to just letting the blood pressure drop and having a moment to properly think, I personally engage in each step because of its thought provoking value.
The Chronodex session usually has 3 basic steps:
Step 1: The making of the Chronodex 
Step 2: The design the Chronodex will be interacting with (or against)
Step 3: The photograph to finalize that particular Chronodex experience

The third step is really the last "creative" part for the Chronodex making session. 
The act of taking a photograph is my formal way to finalize the organization process. In a way it can be likened to punctuating a sentence. I find great resolution in this step. To keep this process fresh and creative I often play with filters, point of view, lighting and knolling layouts (of the tools I used in that particular session).

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