Sunday, May 20, 2012

Odd cider recipes

Our house enjoys almost every style of beer, but we do prefer the big beers: high grain bills with lots of octane. we also enjoy traditional ciders but the following recipes are about exploring our diversity. 
these cider recipes are extreme variations of cider and are designed for the very hot summer days of Nebraska: cleaner, lighter body, higher octane and served very cold. 


Using the champagne yeast converts more of the body into alcohol resulting in a lighter and higher alcoholic beverage. here are some of the steps we take to achieve this: add 1 pound of sugar to the recipe before fermentation, sometimes a red juice for even more, let the cider sit in the carboys for a complete fermentation (including multiple rackings if we want, this could go as long as two months),  at priming time we add quite a bit of priming sugar.

And finally we serve these very cold. when the apparent temperature is in (or past) the 90's and one is working outside these ciders are a welcome addition.

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