Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quick casserole in the dutch oven

Dutch oven cooking is too simple. 
after some practice the preparation times for most recipes are usually very short and the results are grade A.  

just remember whatever the diameter of the oven, you add two coals to the top and subtract two coals from the top. 350 degrees.

a flaming 24 coals for the 14" oven.

finished working 17 of the past 24 hours, so dutch oven cooking will make a big difference. 
preparation is 15 minutes. 
there will be 3 boys being fed so potatoes on the top are "necessary". 

coals are on and under. just cooks for 1 hour.

finished meal plus the cheese.
clean up is just hot water in the oven and let dry. when dry, a very light spray of oil, then wiped.

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